Complaint: Cash app says that they are unable to verify my identity

on 15 March 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I am not trying to access an old account it’s my current account that I am unable to access my funds! My name is Jacque Scott My cash tag is $Jacquescott30 My phone number is 302-505-4045 and my email address is 

Your are the 10th plus person that has taking over my case. 

I have sent pictures of my licenses including holding it taking selfie’s over four or more times. 

I have submitted videos of me trying to log in into my account and it saying that cash app is unable to verify my identity. 

I’ve logged out, and signed back in with the verification code sent to my phone over 10 times!

What else can I do? I refuse to do any of these steps another time. You don’t understand my concern or how frustrating this is. 

I’m losing money everyday not being able to access my stocks. 

Unless this is issued is resolved tonight, I have no choice to report this as a scam to the authorities. 

This is not an old account. I am unable to access my current account. Every person I talk to keeps telling me the same thing “I’m sorry.” There is no need for another apology, I just want access to my account. I’m losing money every day in my stocks because I’m being denied access. I completed all of the steps involving verifying my identity and nothing has changed. This is unacceptable. 

Thank you for the response. This has been an ongoing problem since last August 2020.  I have all of the emails to improve it. I tried various of time every way possible and I’m still unable to access my account. 

Good morning Angela,

Thank you for working with me. I completed the steps that you gave me and I’m still not able to access my funds or send money. Here is another video. 

My only option I have left is to report this matter to the authorities. 

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I want to cash out my stock and close my cash app account for good.

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