Complaint: Cash app needs to be investigated and sued

on 06 January 2021 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

First and foremost there is NO real customer service number to call when you have issues.. They want you to send messages through email or facebook or twitter. A majority of the time they do not respond or wait weeks to respond. The responses are not relevant to the initial questions or issues that you are having. I was using my card for the convenience and then one day boom it was disabled. I asked them why and they never responded. I asked repeatedly why and nothing or no excuse as to why. Now the stimulus was set to go to the routing and account number they provided me. It’s says the money was sent on the 4th. I contacted cash app and got no response for 2 days. The first response from twitter took a full day for them to say it takes 1 to 5 days. I replied and then they put me back through to another agent which took another day for a beat around the bush response saying the same thing. 2 days after that I get an email saying when they canceled my card they canceled my routing and account.number but I can still receive money from people and transfer yet say that can’t tell me why they did that and were rejecting the economic payment from irs. I’m beyond livid. They are the worst company to deal with and with not giving people information about there accounts we don’t have time to make changes with the it’s or any other company especially when we are expecting a payment that we really need. My family was relying on this for extra help. Its been rough and now we got to wait to see what happens from here. Cash app should be sued and not able to be used period. They are the worst company to deal with when it cones to YOUR own money.

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They need to have phone support and communication about your account 24-7 like.most companies dealing with people's money. If you have any sort of issue they should message you or email you to let you know what the problem is to come to a resolution. They make things super stressful for struggling people

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