Canada Dry complaint: Seltzer and half filled cans

Complaint from Pjmitch82 reported on 25 February 2024 about Canada Dry

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My complaint:

six out of the last eight 12 packs I purchased contained cans of just carboned, tastless seltzer. One of those 12 packs also had a sealed half empty can. I still have that unopened can. And I gotta say they really make filing a complaint quite a pain in thy posterior.

Suggested solution:

A couple cases of Canada Dry would be great especially since it is the favorite of everyone in my home and we WONT drink any of that other garbage ginger ale, as we are loyal customer's. Im gonna put 5 stars because I know they’ll do the right thing.

Canada Dry complaint Seltzer and half filled cans
Canada Dry complaint Seltzer and half filled cans
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