Complaint: Warenty of washing machine

on 10 February 2022 about Bush in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

My warenty on the washing my aching is valid but when rang up they said take photo and now won’t help Iv gad other washing g machines for years and never had anything fall out the drum totally fell at one side and was babgunfmg realy loud and all the rubber seal dropped a pied it discusting how my watenty is no longer valid as aas told to take picture of problem abs tbe Ont way to do so was to take the top of now there say sayi b warenty incalid because of this only gad a year and it totally discusting the washer has obviously not beeb made to standards it totally wrong and they won’t listen as they said was a transit bolt it totally wasn’t as I took all 4 out as it says to in the manual I should be given a new appliance as it is still under warranty it’s discusting i have a family and can’t just buy anther washer I want it to complain and if u gave to will take further to omnisman thought srgos and Bush were good place to buy totally discracefull

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Suggested solution:

They should do what say s and replace the faulty washer is broken !!! lol

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