Burger King complaint: Very rude associates. The store dirty.

Complaint from Shallbell123@ reported on 28 March 2024 about Burger King

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My complaint:

I went to you store and we were treated rudely. I order Two Whopper juniors. And order Two Orders of Fries. They were dry out and the whopper Jr look like sample Burgers they cold and nasty. You’re associate told us we could not order any additional Food when we got to window it company policy. Please take look in your store. I would like for my trouble. What happened to your burgers. I was very disappointed of my visit to your store the price are outrageous for those sample burgers.whopper jr. we was thinking we were get a hamburger not sample burgers so we try to order more food.

Because when those sample burger we Knew that was not going fill two adults up and told could not food we got to window and saw those” sample “ Burgers we tried to order more she we couldn’t she run customers off and turning down money. So we went to McDonald’s and Oder more food . Very satisfied with McDonald’s service very disappointing and barbecue service I would like to be compensated for my gas for my food. I used to like Burger King but was very very disappointed.

Suggested solution:

When they send me compensation for my food and my time and gas .

Burger King complaint Very rude associates. The store dirty.
Burger King complaint Very rude associates. The store dirty.
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