Burger King complaint: Poor management skills

Complaint from Nice Customer reported on 02 February 2024 about Burger King

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My complaint:

I went through the drivethru to order an 8 peice chicken fry, small french fry, small sprite. I was served two round small chicken balls and 5 fries. I drove back to this location because they weren’t answering the phone and it seemed like their line was down (called 4x) I didn’t want a refund or anything. I just wanted them to understand that they needed to do better when serving people’s food. When asking for a manager a young male walked up and agreed saying he was a manager. I was about to leave but another male came up asking me to explain again.

When explaining he immediately went into defense mode. It was extremely unnecessary. He immediately said Two chicken balls equal 1 so it was right. I told him that if 2 equal 1 then that would now mean I got only 6 chicken fries. My boyfriend called and I placed him on speaker proving I was right by questioning him with no help or patronizing. I told the Burger King employee that it was foul when someone is paying their money. He immediately said that I shouldn’t have used the word foul. I had to explain to him that foul means wrong.

He immediately argued saying I should have said it was wrong instead of using the word foul. I told him it meant the same thing (synonym). He continued to argue about the word choice as if foul didn’t mean wrong as well saying that instead it meant smelly or similar. I ended up walking out after my boyfriend called back telling me to leave. (See the picture attached)

Suggested solution:

Customer Service phone call or email

Burger King complaint Poor management skills
Burger King complaint Poor management skills
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