Burger King complaint: Dishonest, Rude Manager

Complaint from Abby Grace reported on 20 February 2024 about Burger King

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My complaint:

Rarely do we dine in and use drive through for time reasons. Our app purchases will prove our presence. Customer service was called, but we were on hold more than eight minutes after the nice representative answered. Due to health and legal issues, a supervisor was requested.
The manage on duty, Jessica or Jennifer walked away from the counter out of camera view to make mocking, monkey sounds which we went back in to ask why and address. 1) She was irate when asked why she claimed there was no coffee refill since the Pandemic which we had seen the opposite since then. 2) When she was told that inconsistency and her rudeness were why we rarely come there, she was reminded of how when salted fries were exaggerated her lying in May that every time we complained about fries, which was untrue and only asked for them to be redone that once. 3) Her cook had sagging pants and reached into his clothing, continuing to handle food. Even then she made faces and asked him to get new tongs while he made faces at us also. 4) That was a health /issue regarding hygiene and cholesterol. 5) Another male customer complained about a sandwich and did not request it, but she readily had the item remade. 6) Again, we rarely dine in, then she claimed we “stole all her condiments” when we asked for what accompanied our purchase and for a small bag if we had to leave before finishing brunch. This was another every time lie. 7) In noting to her that we always did good reviews except for her actions in May 2023 and now today, she harped on eight months ago-not the issue but WHY our patronage decreased. 8) She threatened us with police after we were leaving and questioned her “monkey” sounds. 9) Her unwarranted rudeness, slurs and threats will not be tolerated, including get out if you are going to complain. We had already started to leave, until the monkey sounds she made then police threats are made when the mockery is questioned. We have read state health reports on the business, which need to include these issues about health and hygiene. She never wears a name tag. Why?

Suggested solution:

Raise these details with manager which is part of Carol’s Group, unable to contact directly in May 2023 or now. 1 star would be 0 stars based on her and actions to bias staff, again we previously complementary comments. This manager made monkey sounds are hate speech. She even scowled when we pointed out the very wet floor from another customer spilling a drink and leaving without saying anything to staff.

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