Burger King complaint: Bad food

Complaint from Kathymoriarty18@gmail.com reported on 31 October 2023 about Burger King

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My complaint:

I ordered a whopper with cheese and bacon meal,with onion rings, no pickle and no tomato. I got a very cold burger with tomato and pickles and NO BACON. And very cold onion rings. I was the only one in drive through. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ this is not the first or second time this has happened. I’ve never had hot o rings from there…..EVER!!!! And when I complained they wanted a receipt which I didn’t get. I’m done with them. Wish I could fk up as much as them and still have a job.

Suggested solution:

I feel I should get a free meal(the same that I ordered)

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