BMO Bank complaint: CD was closed on maturity Dec 9, 2023. I have not received a check.

Complaint from rafjik reported on 26 January 2024 about BMO Bank

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My complaint:

I have called them about 25 times. From Dec 14th to Dec 27th answer was wait, wait wait. On Dec 29th I was told 2nd check was mailed today that was lie I learned on Jan 10th. On Jan 10th I was told that first check was stopped payment on Jan 5th and second check is not issued. On Jan 12th I was told third check will be mailed on Jan 16th that was lie too. Then I talk to Chicago office and I was told that it is doubtful that first check was ever stopped. Today Jan 24th I was told that second check is mailed on Jan 19th. I asked for an e mail and I have received none. I am more then sure that this is lie too. Every time they told me they are mailing check I asked for an e mail and I have never received an e mail.

Suggested solution:

I am about 80 years old. I have only social security income which is at poverty level. I do not have any other income. I do not have any other assets. I want my money back.

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