Bluehost complaint: Illegal transfer of funds from my account

Complaint from DreaB reported on 30 October 2023 about Bluehost

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My complaint:

I have spent 3 weeks trying to resolve issues over the online chat and have got nowhere.
I eventually decided to ask for a refund as communication via the online chat with Bluehost is so impossible!
I got a refund but the very next day, even more money was taken from my account…for services I did not request and have no idea what they are!
I demanded a refund again and made it clear I wanted no further services from Bluehost.
I received the refund….but then the same thing happened again….more money was then taken from my account the next day!
And now I cannot get back into my account!

Suggested solution:

I want an immediate refund for the €163.43 they illegally took from my account as well as at least €250 compensation for the endless hours of my time that I’ve had to waste trying to communicate via the automated online chat system.
I also want a written letter of apology and a guarantee that they will never take money from my account again, or I will be forced to take legal action.

Bluehost complaint Illegal transfer of funds from my account
Bluehost complaint Illegal transfer of funds from my account
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