Bluehost complaint: Bluehost is the Biggest Threat to Websites

Complaint from EnvisageCat reported on 22 January 2024 about Bluehost

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My complaint:

I had been with Bluehost for over 3 years and just renewed service in Nov 2023. I then decided to upgrade so I could add a second website. I paid for an additional domain and upgrade. First, after I built out my new site and launched, they updated the temporary domain to the actual, my new site then disappeared from my account completely. Bluehost support could not resolve this issue, including multiple failed attempts at reinstalling WordPress, and multiple “escalations”.
I decided to cancel the update and revert back to my original plan, requesting a refund for the additional charge. I very clearly stated that my main website should remain and please do not make any changes to it. Support acknowledged this.

The next day I find that my primary website has also now disappeared from my Bluehost account. I immediately call and am told that my ENTIRE HOSTING PLAN WAS CANCELED.
I was told that because this just happened, they would be able to restore my website. However, I would need to pay for a new hosting plan in order to get it back. (Causing an issue which deletes my website and then telling me I need to pay to get it back is called extortion. 100% unethical and illegal).

I felt I had no choice, so on top of the renewal I just paid for, I paid for a new plan. I was told my site would be restored in 24-48 hours. Of course, this issue was “escalated” as well.
Then a few days later I get an email telling me they need to verify my business and that I am the owner, In order to restore my website. The verification is RIGHT THERE ON MY BLUEHOST ACCOUNT. I own the domain, my credentials and account login never changed. Still, I send them both federal and state documents. My site is never restored.

I experienced repeated assurances, guarantees, and escalations from Bluehost’s support team without resolution. My website contained years of information, portfolios, and content that I worked tirelessly to build. I am a small business, my business is my source of income, it is my company, it is my job. Bluehost’s careless actions have resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars and information.

I had backed up my website but did so through WordPress. It never once dawned on me that the biggest security risk and threat to my business would be Bluehost.

There has been no attempt to correct this or provide reliable, honest, service. This entire issue should have and could have been resolved immediately. Bluehost is owned by Newfold Digital, which owns several hosting companies. Through research I found that most of those great recommendations for site hosting that names Bluehost are all bought and sponsored.

I feel this information is critical because all current and future customers should be aware of the risks that Bluehost poses to a business. There are so many hosting companies out there, make a better decision than I did and stay away or get away from Bluehost.

Suggested solution:

I want my website restored, at minimum I want my access to my website files.

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