Bluehost complaint: Bluehost cancelled my hosting without my authorization

Complaint from jpbbantigue reported on 05 November 2023 about Bluehost

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My complaint:

I recently contacted Bluehost via chat to ask about domain transfer, which has been quickly resolved. I then asked a follow-up question about whether I can still cancel my auto-renewal and get a refund, but only after I finish backing up my files. I was asked by a series of questions that I thought were normal protocol, until the chat agent said that they had completely processed my request. I was shocked to hear this and said I never gave my authorization for the cancellation as I knew I still had about 30 days to do so after renewal. I was still in the process of backing up my files, so I told this to the chat support. He then told me that I should still be able to access my hosting for 10 more days so I should still be able to back up all my files. I was kind of relieved to hear this. We finished our conversation and rated him 5. Moments later as I was backing up my files, all my files were gone. I had two ongoing client projects I had hosted here that was completely removed, several premium WordPress themes, and my whole website portfolio of 2 years consistently updated gone in a blink of an eye.

TLDR: Bluehost chat agent cancelled my hosting without my authorization, resulting to removal of all my files I had worked on for 2 years and worth more than their subscription fees combined.

Suggested solution:

Allow me to retrieve all of my files OR pay me what I believe what's all of the files stored in it's worth in time and money.

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