Complaint: My account was hacked and 0.15 BTC were stolen

on 23 April 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

My Binance account was hacked and the hackers stole from me more than 0.15 BTC. I contacted Binance security department, but they told me that they can’t do anything and as per procedure an email was sent to my email address for ation where it was ed by a commonly used from me IP address. First I don’t have such email in my inbox and second it is not possible to be ed from a commonly used IP address, as I did not withdrawal my funds.

This was an obvious case of hacking my account, because:

1. The IP which was used for login into my account was from another city, far away from mine, and was never used for login from.

2. If you follow the address which was used for withdrawing the BTC, you will see a huge transfer activity in it of huge amount, probably more victims of those hackers.

Once I insisted that my crypto is stolen, the Security department continued telling me how to protect my account from now on, but do not want to take responsibility for the hacking action.

This was the address to which the amount was withdrawal: https:blockchain.coinmarketcap.comaddressbitcoin1QHwwbD1ZbZTi5ngHiHoNA4ZQJrtM6U9sZ

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Suggested solution:

I would consider the case resolved if they restore the stolen amount to my account.

My account was hacked and 0.15 BTC were stolen
My account was hacked and 0.15 BTC were stolen
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