Complaint: Issues with nationality

on 14 April 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I am aware that some people from certain nationalities are not eligible to use binance. Recently I had an issue with my account as I was using VPN. I Kept on receiving pop-up messages stating that US persons are not allowed to use binance . I contacted customer services and they told me that my account is locked due to being from syria. My account was not verified when I received that message and i don’t remember trying to verify my account using my Syrian passport .Actually,i have two citizenships. My dad is from Syria and my mum is from Argentina, I have lived in Dubai for my whole life and I use my Argentinian passport. How could you identify me as syrian when my account is verified on Argentinian nationality .if one of my Nationalities is restricted , I have the right to use the other one without restrictions. I’m not allowed to open a bank account with my Syrian passport in Dubai but I can easily open a bank account using my Argentinian passport. Who gave you the right to identify me as Syrian when I have dual citizenships?!

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Fix the faulty system
Update the nonsense rules
Hire experienced customer service employees, not robotic ones

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