Complaint: I was scammed on binance p2p trade

on 09 March 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

I am on binance trading platform. They have a section named p2p trading. they claim that it is safe and monitored always against scams and so on. in p2p people exchange, buy and sell crypto from each other. all members are verified by binance.
on Feb 23rd,2021 I went to this section of binance website to sell my 1000USDT for 1500AUD. the other party was mentioning that he cans end money (AUD) to me only via Neteller so I opened a Neteller account online. I opened the trade and the other party asked for my email address registered with Neteller and then claimed that he has transferred 1500AUD to me and sent me the screenshot of Neteller app of his mobile showing 1500AUD sent to me. A t the same time I received 2 emails in my inbox showing both are from Neteller and saying that I received 1500AUD and first my ID should be verified then I can get the money that takes normally 5 hours but may be longer even 24 hours. so I believed everything is Ok. As the trading on binance p2p has a time frame- in this case was one hour- I had to the receipt of money otherwise the other party was able to complain against me and then binance can get him that mine 1000USDT. I ed that I got my money on binance but as I did not receive it and my neteller account was not showing anything i called neteller and they told there is not any money holding for you, so I got worried and send them email and also the copy of emails that I received and they ed that those emails are not from them and are fake.
I contacted binance immediately- in couple of hours after that payment- but still waiting to some contact me and ask me what is the problem. The person that got my money of binance is still there and maybe scamming other people but binance doe not care about it. I wrote to them several times but no response after 16 days .
I hope you can get my money back from them as I believe has provided a safe platform for this people to scam others and go away without any trouble. the history of all my chat during that p2p trade and copy of all my emails sent to binance and Neteller is available.
thanks you

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i want my 1000USDT refunded

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