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On April 16, my husband made a deposit to my binance account and it was not credited.
the status of the transfer is processing. I need to return the funds to the source account, to my husband’s account at the hsbc bank, they cannot keep holding the funds. According to what the page indicated, after 7 days they returned the funds, this has not happened yet. I am also claiming via twitter to make it public, I need an immediate response.

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Return the funds, asper binance internal procceders

Founds not credited
Founds not credited
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Gunter Straub
Gunter Straub (@gunterkstraubgmail-com)
7 days ago

I have made a transfer from my HSBC account to Binance. It clearly shows on my Binance account. I have verified. I have sent dozens of bank statements as proof of my identity. Yet every time I get the same answer. It cannot be opened. I’ve sent it as PDF, JPEG and as photos. Every time I log into my account from the same computer and the same wifi connection I get a message that I am logging in from a different IP address. Binance does not respond to my requests for the return of my funds.