Binance complaint: Bad customer service

Complaint from Muhammad21 reported on 07 September 2023 about Binance

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My complaint:

I’m here to complain a issues concerned binance ,I create binance 2021 , so last year which was 2022 ,my binance account was hack by someone who’s from Nigeria,who claims to help me and teach him how to trade crypto , then before my binance account was hack I left 7.5 XRP also I have 98$ on my trust wallet , but both my binance and my trust wallet and my email was hack , so I managed to contact the binance customer service for help but they weren’t able to help me, so on march 2023 something came over me so I decided to search my number on Google so I found out my number is still register with my old email,then I managed to reset is password, that’s how I got my email back.

Then I try to get access to my binance account but I reset is password then I login into my binance ,so I saw 1.5 XRP , but I was surprised there’s no any money on my binance ,then after that day, it was like next 3 days I met a scammer from telegram who try to get access to my account, so I report the issues so binance customer service, suspended my account withdraw,so after the issues was solve then I request the binance customer service to unsuspend my account withdraw, so the customer service came up with a lot of shit saying that my account was use to preform scamming people,that the 1.5 XRP was deposit by someone, that I need to return the money back, so I told the binance customer service this money was deposit by a scammer who hack my account , that I won’t agree for them has customer service to return the money back , then after I said that binance suspended my account not to function again until I return the money back which it was unfair, I left 7.5 XRP, but I couldn’t see it and the scammer took my 98$ from my trust wallet , so please I’m here if you people could help me solve this issues, thank you

Suggested solution:

I hate binance, bad customer service

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