Complaint: Account set up no succes

on 18 February 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain

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My complaint:

ı have three Binance account and could not verify non of them.
1. I had my first account and verified [email protected] but ı did not have authentication code which is very important for security.
2. Then ı had my second account [email protected] but ı could not verify due to first account. When ı contact cs they sent me a link to delete my first account, then ı did and waited for three days. I could not LOG in my first Hotmail account then tried to verify my Gmail. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful.
3. Because of ALL this ı did not want to wait more than opened a third account [email protected] and load a passport for my Dual citizenship, but ı could not verify again due to system has already been another account verification.
4. Then ı GET back my first account, login and password setup then ı see that there is no verification.
5. At the moment ı have three accounts with no ıd verification. Would you please to delete my accounts and help me to use just One account with verification, Authenticator! Please
6. Which account that ı have the verification ı do not know, could you please inform me which account ı can use?
7. I really do not know what to do?

Suggested solution:

i just wanted an account with verification

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