Avis Car Rental complaint: Bogus Charge

Complaint from dansoldit reported on 09 December 2023 about Avis Car Rental

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My complaint:

I have rented exclusivily with Avis for a long time. Never had a problem, UNTIL NOW.
2 weeks after returning home from Colorado Springs. (Rental U648463826) Picked up Tuscon, dropped off Colorado Springs
I received a letter from Nora Henry at Avis Operations Team, telling me they were charging me $450 for cleaning, stating there was smoke smell.
Neither my wife or I smoke, and we were the only ones in the car through the entire rental. This is TotaL BS. We had the car for a week, and there was NO smoke in the car, and there was NO smell when we returned it.
When we returned the car to Colorado Springs, we had to walk the key to the rental booth as there was nobody at the return aisle to check us in.
There was an Avis woman standing outside the booth. I had accidently grabbed an Avis pamphlet when I took my paperwork out of the glovebox. When she came back in the booth, she told me I had to put the pamphlet back in the car. I told her we were in a hurry and asked if she could just have one of their people put it back in the car. She was super rude, and without even saying anything, she walked back out of the booth, and walked all the way to the car to put the pamphlet back. She made us wait the entire time, outside in 25 degree cold, as she was doing it, and slowly walked back to finish checking us out. She KNEW I told her we were in a hurry.
I have never been treated so rude, and will now take my business to Hertz.
This charge is totally made up, and I would think by the totally rude person checking us out.
Bye Bye Avis. Obviously my years of loyalty to you meant nothing!

Suggested solution:

Drop the bogus cleaning charge

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