ASAP Tickets complaint: Tickets rejected by airlines

Complaint from Ticket number 1577862171257 reported on 10 September 2023 about ASAP Tickets

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My complaint:

I purchased round trip tickets in March for a flight to Manila in April. The return flight ticket was rejected by Qutar Airways staff and ASAP Tickets staff was not available to resolve the issue. I was forced to purchase a replacement ticket. ASAP Tickets originally offered to refund half of the total price. Later this offer was rescinded and I was offered a future flight Later I was told that I am not eligible for any refund because the airline marked us as no show. I provided physical evidence to prove I was there, including Passport scanning by Qutar Airways staff and physical replacement ticket purchased in Qutar Airways Administration office.

Suggested solution:

Refund the original offered amount...$715
I also feel that ASAP Tickets is responsible for the $2161 I had to pay for the replacement ticket...bear in mind that I paid $1400 to ASAP Tickets for round trip fare...ITN immediately refunded the hotel reservations and shuttle service fees but refuses to accept responsibility for the useless return flight tickets. If a customer service representative had accepted the calls from Qutar Airways staff or from my sister or calls from me...perhaps the ticket rejection could have been solved..I waited 4 hours trying to get approved for my midnight scheduled departure time in Qutar Airways Administration office

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