ASAP Tickets complaint: Liar cheats and thieves

on 01 September 2022 about ASAP Tickets in category Travel

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My complaint:

I’ve been fighting with them for over a year to get a flight to the Philippines they tried sneaking in a flight with a 13 and a half hour layover and I refused it now they finally in June gave me a ticket that was acceptable now they’ve changed the flight and they’re trying to slide in a 13 and a half hour layover which I did not give them permission to do they are telling me they have the right to do this I did not pay for this I am over $3,000 into this ticket 150 men I was on the phone on hold to try and get things straight out talking with a gentleman by the name of Bishop who refuses to call me and will only do taxes or emails which I will no longer deal with I will talk to someone on the phone I have put a call into the better Business bureau and I put a call into the Massachusetts attorney general about them trying to rip me off.

Oh they’ll help me if I pay money they’ll change my flight I did not pay for a 13 and a half hour layover I paid for a 36-hour flight to the Philippines now they’re putting the screws to me I will never never use ASAP tickets I’ve been fighting with them for over a year the airlines offered me a full refund and they wouldn’t refund me my money because the Philippines will shut down to covert it’s been nothing but a nightmare dealing with these liars cheats and thieves.

I have over a hundred emails from them I have over 60 of them from this guy bishop and he points that this is all my fault and I’m supposed to be happy about this that they lost $100 I have 150 hours on the phone on hold trying to resort this and now you’re telling me I’m stuck with this ticket and yes this goes back to my first complaint I am still working on the same ticket there was issued to me by Armstrong over a year later.

Suggested solution:

If they want me to keep this 13 and 12 hour layover they put me in business class all the way around all my flights they\'re not willing to do that they get me on a flight with 36 hours total including my layovers

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[email protected](@asaptickets)
2 months ago

We are very sorry that you have had a negative experience with us. It’s our goal to deliver the highest quality of service to all of our customers, so we’d love to learn more about what prompted your feedback. Please send us your reservation number or ticket number via email">sm-queries and we will check everything and do our best to help you.