ASAP Tickets complaint: Coercion into Overspending

Complaint from alexamaryanne reported on 26 June 2023 about ASAP Tickets

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My complaint:

The first travel advisor I spoke with was really friendly and seemed to have my best interest in mind. After realizing that the selected airport I was traveling to was further away than anticipated from my location I panicked, and called back to change my tickets. I had bought flight protection through the first advisor so I thought everything would be all good. It was not. The second agent found a ticket to an airport closer to my desired location, and asked me if I wanted to change to it. I thought I would be refunded for my original ticket and that this would be the new price. It turned out that the new price was added onto the old price. So instead of paying $950 total I was paying $1700. The advisor made it seem like I couldn’t back out and switch back to my former ticket. I called back again within 24 hours to try to revert back to my 1st ticket and was told I couldn’t without another fee. I wish I could just start from scratch and get refunded my full ticket price. I would never go through real life travel agents again and just book my tickets myself.

Suggested solution:

Giving me a refund.

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