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My complaint:

ASAP TicketsITN charged $320 extra penalty to process refund, not only it but did not even provide
full refund.

I purchased ticket on Feb 2020 from SFO to Taipei,
departure was April 2020, Pandemic outbreak, I am at
high risk, obeys government travel restriction order,
not my fault, due to restriction cancel flight,
It’s not by my choice, to obey.
Refund a NIGHTMARE, run around and plenty of lies.
I’ve had 6 different stories, one was full refunded, and it
was being processed, another was $250,
another was $282, another was$245 another was $320
and said this and that, like to get your story straight. Confusing. I have been chasing them to get my refund, struggling in hell.

532020 rec’d email from Walcott, THREATED TO ME
DO NOT CALL ANYONE’,(He was the agent sold me the ticket).

542020@4:26pm, rec’d email from agent CEDRIC K
$282 to be charged, fee break down
$250 ITN processing, $32 recalled penalty.

542020@7:10pm, email from agent-CEDRIC stated:
You don’t have to pay anything EXTRA after filing out the Refund form is required only in order to define the credit card that you would like to get your refund on.
ITN processing of$245 will be deducted from the credit that you already have with Airlines.

542020@8,:05pm ASAP ed refund order.

Again, 772020@8:26pm, CEDRIC K send me a link to
process refund and stated Total $320 to be charged,
fee break down$200 Airline refund penalty,
$75 ITN processing fee,. $45 Recalled penalty.
Proceed with payment, to get Refund. (Tricks)

OMG. 542020@7:10pm, CEDRIC K email stated:
((( $245 will be deducted from the credit that you already have with Airlines))) now they want
collect $320. why charge more fees???
So he lied to me and said that a refund request has been put in and it never was. Horrible.

They charge extra $320 penalty to process refund, but did not even provide full refund. ASAP tickets ITN they are doing against the Federal Mandate They are intentionally committing FRAUD by TELLING LIE to my credit company stated The ticket was Refunded
my ticket was $633, I have only received$ 527.90
where is rest of missing money (thieves). ????

Then I contacted agent CEDRIC, he told me to call Airline, unluckily China airline refer me back to ASAP tickets: Contact agency directly to obey the refund.
Actual they take your money then they issue Airline a
check so you can’t call directly and get a refund, it has
to come through ASAP tickets then ASAP tickets tell
me to contact Airline (Scam Artists)!

Agents not telling the truth there made up extra fees,
dishonest and misleading, consumer fraud, lost credibility. They take my money and lied to me were
absolutely insulting and predatory.

ASAP claims ticket are Non-Refundable, because of
COVID and I am not able to flight. MY LIFE MATTERS.
my cancellation are COVID impacted, I am entitled to get full refund. Per DOT.

They have an excuse for everything not to refund my money. Customer service doesn’t resolve any problem,
they said it’s agents Responsibility. Useless.
When problem arose agent – CEDRIC K,
will not reply to my email, ~~DISAPPEARD ~~

Nothing but LIE, LIE, LIES. money was refunded or
case closed.

This is very unacceptable, and I feel that I am been scammed, for not being able to get my money back
after promising that back in March 2020.

Any company that pulls this crap exploiting people during a global pandemic deserves to be prosecuted by laws.
NO RESPONSE OR RESOLUTION from ASAP TicketsITN. Fraud company and scamming people out of their money, so frustrated last 8 months. I was worrying about getting my money back, the stress make
A bunch of CROOKS!

Ticket 2977515916145

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FULL REFUND. They do not have the right to keep my money. I did not cause the Coronavirus, I did not choose to cancel, this was not a vacation, I was going to
attend funeral, I am at high risk, please do not discriminate against 69 years old senior.
MY LIFE MATTERS. Is cancelled due to Coronavirus threat and obeys government travel restriction order.

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