Aramark complaint: Refuses to feed client with allergies or special diets

on 25 August 2022 about Aramark in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Since loved one has been in this place there has been a employee fired for spitting in clients food. If there is an allergy or food that can’t be consumed the client just goes hungry. My loved one has went with 1 meal a day to today nothing. The doctor tried to speak to the kitchen worker and explain this is not a client complaining that they have a diet for a reason or if there is a food allergy the client can not just not eat anything multiple meals. All I would like is the diet followed so he can eat and this place has 7 people known with special diets or food allergies and they deserve to be able to be fed. This is not too much to ask. No one is complaining about how it’s cooked , taste whatever just to abide by food allergies or special diet. This is a basic need, food. There has been multiple grievances put in and someone should address this issue. If we don’t get something done I’ll call corporate and make a formal complaint. Mandy 330-807-1182

Suggested solution:

Need to speak to someone who can let your employee know special diets and food allergies have to be accommodated. There are health issues and reasons these orders are in place or the doctors would NOT have gave orders to the kitchen to accommodate these diets. You can not risk peoples health.

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