Aramark complaint: Money stolen frequently

Complaint from Ksdheart reported on 05 October 2023 about Aramark

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My complaint:

This has been multiple times making a mistake with card/billing information. The money is taken from my bank account and promised to be returned in 7-10 business days. It stays pending in my bank account transaction information for that long, and then disappears from my bank information and is not returned. They say they did not receive the money, that my bank only holds it until seeing they have not accepted it and then releases the funds. I can’t see Bank of America just deleting the information and keeping the funds. This is $260 to date in just September 2023 that has been stolen from me and all Aramark will give me is a transaction number for the 2nd attempt that wasn’t returned, to give to my bank and see if they can look up “why they didn’t refund my money”. As if they don’t receive enough unearned funds off of the desperation and necessity of these families suffering and already providing all they are capable of to care for their loved ones in these abhorrent conditions. I’ve paid them over $1500 in the last 3 months as a (temporary) single mom who just lost their house and all of their belongings and partner for the time being, because of these circumstances. This fraud is unacceptable, and I need someone to report it to immediately.

Suggested solution:

Pay it back. At the least. 0 stars. Infinite Negative stars.

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