Apple complaint: Request for refund of unauthorised deductions

on 09 May 2023 about Apple in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

At noon on March 23rd, it was discovered that there were multiple unknown deductions from my bank card account. Subsequently, it was discovered that the deductions were made by Apple and the purchased items were for certain games. I immediately contacted Apple and informed them that these purchases were not made by me. I did not authorize others to use the purchases and applied for a refund. However, Apple did not take any measures to ensure the security of my funds. The deduction was made at 12:00 noon and the receipt was not sent until 6:12 pm. When I contacted Apple, they did not take any action to avoid my losses, and they were aware that these purchases were not authorized by me, but they still recharged the game 6 hours later.

According to the official website of Apple, the company can verify the identity and owner of the device by identifying its unique identifier (UDID), serial number, IMEI, MEID, and operating system installed on the device, and conduct risk assessment and fraud prevention measures for related transactions. At the same time, Apple can also user identity and authorization based on their payment account information and authentication mechanism, and can perform user identity verification and fraud prevention processing based on the device’s IP address, cookie records, and other information. This information can be used to determine key data such as the physical location of the device, login time and location, and account activity history, in order to determine whether the transaction is an authorized transaction and protect the financial security and rights of consumers. However, without my authorization for consumption and purchase instructions not issued by my commonly used devices, the data I downloaded from Apple showed many distinguishable unique identifiers and IP addresses that did not match my phone. I am using Apple 13, which means that in the case of security risks in my account, Apple cannot whether it was my own authorization or someone else’s failure to verify, resulting in my financial losses, Apple customer service did not actively solve the problem, perfunctorily handled it, sent multiple emails to appeal, refused to inform the reason, and violated my right to know and fair trade.

Secondly, I contacted our local Apple company, who claimed to have received my funds from Apple distribution international LTD hollyhill. Therefore, I request a refund from you. I have not received the purchased goods at all, and Apple has fulfilled its obligation to recharge the game with clear knowledge that I have not obtained control of the products purchased with my withheld funds and that Apple has payment rights. Subsequently, a receipt was issued for me, Confirm their commission income, which is already illegal.

Due to Apple’s failure to effectively identify third-party initiated instructions and not processing them in a timely manner, I have suffered unnecessary losses. Moreover, I have been using the same account since 2014, and I believe Apple has intentionally refused refunds. In addition, Apple monopolizes all other payment methods for Apple users, and can only make payments through Apple’s channels without ensuring the security of my funds, Therefore, I request Apple to refund the payment without my own consent as soon as possible.

Order number:MV2L89HM32 MV2L89HMH8 MV2L89HN3M MV2L89J017

Suggested solution:

I request Apple to refund the payment without my own consent as soon as possible.

Request for refund of unauthorised deductions
Request for refund of unauthorised deductions
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