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Hello, My girlfriend been here for 4 years now and I am, Johnnie Moore is on the lease with her I been paying my rent for that one year of my own apartment and the 2nd year is when I got on the lease as head of household. So I accidentally broke sprinkler from the celin and we haven’t had no issues with management til this incident now all of a sudden in August after the incident we get an eviction notice of non-payment of rent from June 2019, which would make August our 90 days of an eviction so as of the ending of August we got a 3 days notice to where management was gonna kick us out to the street just like that. We didn’t know that they was doing a 90 Days on us like that. When we went to pay the rent for August they refuse to take it. So now MANAGEMENT wanting us out of this building. Since according to Management rent wasn’t paid in June and since management so quick to give out EVICTIONs than where is our June evection and why have we been here even now. Also since we been on EVICTION how come at the end of August Management decides to relocate us to another apartment at the end of our so called 90 days so right now as of September 1st is when we should of been homeless on the street or into another place but we are not, we are in the apt. that Management had us relocated to. Also the night if that incident Management refuse to put us in another empty apt. till the next day than allow us back into our 315 apartment till management decided to relocate us to 310 on the ending of our 3 days EVICTIONs, dose this make any sense to anyone at all! It’s only Commons sense though that we got our evection notice after the incident in August and since according to Management breaking the sprinkler in the ceiling is an automatic evection than how come management felt like he had to go to the extent of going into company computer system and Alter our rent for June, July and August when our rent been paid for June and July as of August we got our rent but management refuse to accept it. What I am not understanding is that how come our evection doesn’t say due to broken sprinkler instead our eviction is due to non-payment of June and July’s rent? That’s what I am not understanding and are you seriously kidding me, Management who is also Pastor of Darkness to Light and his wife first Lady. First Lady stated we are Christian and I am first Lady we don’t lie, we do everything by the book. Man, that is some B.S.! We as Tenants and I consider them as my Spiritual parents and they consider me as their spiritual son and they alter our rent and lies about us. Also, I was an employee for this company and our same management was my boss and no one knows how many times I put my life on the line for manager. How many times I jump in the way of someone be coming at manager with a knife wanting to take that Manager life and how much overtime work I did without overtime payment and off days work I did for Management. My girlfriend tells me you see how management is doing all this to us, like seriously. I honestly can’t believe it. It seems as if I am in a nightmare and can’t seem to wake up than at times of that nightmare has me feeling like am I even alive. Also this that I am stating is nothing compared to how Management put us out that night of that incident and how management put us out at 11pm after the fire department left but yet we was in our apartment during the whole time fire department was there fixing the sprinkler all they said was that don’t worry about it, this happens all the time. Do you have something I can stand on? Just so much faulty that Management be doing. I really didn’t believe how other tenants would say how they be treated by management but now I can see how those ex tenants say about management cause of all that they done to us and be treating us. Since we didn’t pay our rent can we report manager of robbery cause how they claim we didn’t pay our rent than where did our rent go to for June and July? That is robbery though. Also, 3 African people got an eviction notice in a row but to even it out and cover the profile racism act. their finding who they can get next that is white or not of African people. Management and wife office clerk assistance manager. Manager be harassing my girlfriend, use scare tactic on us and had threaten my girlfriend. We was refused to use their dumpster and refused to use their day room that is for tenants here and a lot more that they be doing that I didn’t stated. Doesn’t make no sense at all.

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Fair Housing, Legal Aid, Court House and Police officer had to stop them from changing locks on our door

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