Amber Leaf complaint: Horrible big bits of wood in my tobacco

Complaint from Haychforhayley44 reported on 17 July 2023 about Amber Leaf

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My complaint:

The last three pouches of 50g amberleaf tobacco I’ve bought has had these horrible big bits of wood that makes it unbearable to smoke. I keep buying it in the hope it’s gone back to the normal amberleaf I usually buy and smoke but it’s horrible. It keeps going out so can’t even enjoy it. It’s not doing my chest any good either. I know tobacco does cause breathing problems but this stuff is just nasty!! I’m even considering changing the brand I smoke in the hopes it’s not as bad as these I’ve already paid for!!! Amberleaf is normally my top tobacco product I smoke but this isn’t right!! And because I’ve had a few of them now I thought I’d let you know.

Suggested solution:

Either send me a better pouch for free to prove they're not all going to be the same as what I have had or refund the ones I have had that are bad!! I've wasted over £50 on three pouches that have been nasty so one pouch back would be nice??

Amber Leaf complaint Horrible big bits of wood in my tobacco
Amber Leaf complaint Horrible big bits of wood in my tobacco
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