All My Sons Moving complaint: Incorrect information about price quote

Complaint from MRoy reported on 29 October 2023 about All My Sons Moving

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My complaint:

I planned my move with ‘All my sons’ sex weeks in advance. I moved 20 miles from a three-bed apartment in Fort Lauderdale to a six-bedroom double-story house in Weston. When I spoke to customer care, I was given a quote of 159$/ hour as the final price. I was told this includes two men and a truck, and they will be able to do the move in 3-4 hours maximum. I gave them a complete description of the apartment, including the large furniture, televisions, boxes, etc. Despite my concern during the initial phone conversation about the number of men and hours required, I was told very confidently that it would not require more than two men and more than 3-4 hours. I was also told that I don’t need a formal evaluation of the property in person. I went ahead and booked the move with them.

The story completely changed on the day of the move when the drivers arrived at my place. They realized they needed more men and time. It required three men to move the stuff, and a fourth person was added to help with the final delivery. It took 9.5 hours. I was told I would be charged 259$/ hour for the additional men. Instead, in the end, I was charged 420$/hour. I paid almost four times what I was expecting initially. I think this is an abuse of the customer. If the company had been honest with me from the beginning, then I could have planned better, saved money, and would have had a pleasant experience. Instead, it turned out to be very stressful and a loss of time and money.

Mayank Roy

Suggested solution:

Refund 50% of the charges to my credit card.

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