Alberta Works complaint: I’m on Medical Assistance!!!

Complaint from TrishaLynn1975 reported on 11 August 2023 about Alberta Works

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My complaint:

I have recently been told I was being reviewed for the cheques I was receiving from Alberta Works! They informed me to get all this information n it will determine if I receive anymore cheques from them, so I gave them all the information they wanted, meanwhile they had me waiting so long for August’s cheque that I received an eviction notice!! I am on medical Alberta Works an I’m not even getting the amount I should be! Now they’re coming back at me telling me they want more in-depth info explaining each n every transaction I make…like if the bank statement says “Walmart” or “No Frills” wth do they think I’m buying other then groceries ffs, this is a form of harassment an it’s completely unnecessary!! N I refuse to play this game of there’s! I will not play this game with them every mth as I’ve already given them what they asked for, IM ON MEDICAL WITH MY DOCTORS LETTER!! But I’m being treated like a criminal an I’m definitely not one!! Something needs to be done with Alberta Works as they r unprofessional an ignorant!! Trudeau needs to address this as I’m to a point where I will fight them in court FORSURE!! I have the right to as a CANADIAN citizen! But doesn’t seem like us actual born n raised in Canada even matters anymore an it’s pretty pathetic so I will take this matter to someone who will help me with this situation if it doesn’t get resolved, I’m being harassed to give them information I’ve already given them

Suggested solution:

By not asking me to give them information I already have an not holding my cheque from me cuz they want a more descriptive! I gave them what they asked for an will not be giving them details like “I bought groceries at Walmart or No Frills” it’s harassment an I’m pretty mad right now due to it an I will seek out a lawyer to go after them if they don’t give me September’s cheque an then leave me alone!!

Alberta Works complaint I’m on Medical Assistance!!!
Alberta Works complaint I’m on Medical Assistance!!!
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