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on 07 September 2019 about Asda in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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on the 29 August I shop twice a week I asked a man who was polish if he had any choc ices he said he didn’t speak English so I approached the manager I told him I was enquiring about choc ices and told him about he couldn’t understand me he told me you have to learn polish but he wouldn’t help I said to him I’m going to complain about you his reply was you can complain to the prime minister the United nations. so I phoned the Leeds office and I told the ladie about what this man said. she was shocked and gave her my email address and said she will look into this .so on 6 September I went to shop and I saw this horrible night shift manager. but also the store manager and told him my complaint and told him I can’t understand this man still here .but there is two sides to the stories as I was continuing shopping the store manager approached me and said I talked about Muslims which where these managers stick together nothing will be done .I told him that I will not let this rest he said I’m the manager and I have shares in ASDA. I aspect something to be done about these people I Will in the next few days contact Wal-Mart and the ombudsmen.

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dismissed know businesses should have such people in responsible employment.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Asda

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