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Complaint from Maynard reported on 13 July 2023 about Adagio Aparthotel

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My complaint:

Good afternoon,
I sent the below email now on two occasions and followed up by a phone call to the hotel. And I still have not had any response. We stayed at the Aparthotel in Brentford London on the 28th June 2023 for five nights. Please read my email below that I have sent. I don’t think my request is unreasonable. I just need help to resolve this issue could you please help me.

On 12 Jul 2023, at 7:31 pm, Rickie Maynard wrote:

To whom it may concern,
I am reaching out to you for your assistance with this issue that I have.

My husband and I and two friends arrived in London on the 28/6/2023 after three weeks on vacation in Europe we come from Australia for our long awaited holiday of a life time. When we arrived at Gatwick airport I received an email from Airbnb advising that there had been an error on their behalf not advising us that the accommodation we were on our way to had been cancelled and no longer available for us. So you can only image the stress that we were going through, having no place to stay in the middle of the summer peak in London. We were now at Victoria station as we were on our way to the accommodation. We had to quickly collect our thoughts together and frantically trying to find new affordable accommodation. We were originally staying at Chelsea but we couldn’t find anything there that was in our price bracket in such short notice. So we came across your hotel which was affordable to us. So I booked through for the 5 nights 28/6/2023 out on the 3/7/2023. Once we got back on the train heading to your hotel we started getting quite concerned about how far out this hotel was from central London. So we decided to cancel but still head to the hotel and stay for one night as we were already on our way there.As I was completely stressed out at the time I didn’t take note about the cancellation all I saw was pay at property so I didn’t think there were any cancellation charges involved. We arrived at your hotel and the lady at reception explained to us exactly where we were, and explained the reason why it took us so long on the train was because we were given the wrong train line to get on at Victoria Station. Which just added to our stress levels even more. So I said to her I had booked for 5 nights on literally one hour ago and we cancelled as we were concerned it was so far out. The girl at reception looked up to see if the two rooms were still available for the 5 nights she advised us that there was nothing available she only had on night which was quite expensive but we had no choice but to book the two rooms for the one night so that we had a roof over our head on the 28/6/23 she then suggested for me to get on for the balance of the 4nights 29/6/23 out on the 3/7/2023 which I did and I found two rooms available which I booked. Please refer to Booking number 3726203306 we were quite relived that we were able to find somewhere to stay for our 5 nights even though the cost was a lot higher than what our original accommodation was, but we understood that this was a last minute booking hence the more expensive cost. We have been travelling for 3 weeks already and our funds were dwindling, but we managed between the four us to pull the money together to make this happen. I then came accross a few days later after we checked out a cancellation charge against cancellation number 2933287558 I was quite shocked by this charge. I contacted and they advised me that they could not help me as this was the hotels policy.

I am now reaching out to you directly could I please ask that this cancellation charge be reversed as we did stay at your hotel for those dates. I was in a frantic state when I cancelled the first booking not knowing that there were any charges involved. This was quite a terrible experience for us I understand that this has nothing to do with your hotel, but if you can anyway help us with getting our money back given how much we have already outlaid.
I will give you the reference numbers below for you to check our stay with you.
The first night was paid directly to you.
Your receipt number 42420 ref – 70689 MLZLGJRL – 37523 one night 28/6/23 Under the name of Geoff Maynard

The second booking was done under reference number 3726203306
29/6/23 – 3/7/24

I look forward to your response


Henrietta Geoff Maynard

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Suggested solution:

By at least acknowledging my email and giving me an answer to my request which I don’t believe is unreasonable. If they look at all my information I have presented to them on my email stating all the facts that took place on the 28th June at the time of my booking.

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