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on 12 July 2019 about Thai Express in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I work at the humber River Hospital and went down after completing my shift to pick up dinner for the 3 of us at home. Ordered from Thai Express 1 beef and rice, also ordered 2 cauliflower stir fry rice with egg and shrimp. Paid 27 dollars and waited 15 min for my food. Got 2 individuals orders and inquired about the third. Was told that I didnt pay for it. A little annoyed after waiting all the time just to be told I didn’t pay for it. I hand him my card to pay again for the third meal and pointed to the the order I wanted and repeated the same as the first cauliflower rice stir fry with egg and shrimp and was told I didn’t order that before and it’s not what I got. Repeated my full order and was told I ordered something else stir fry vegetables and this is what I have to keep. He was belligerent, rude and insisted it was my mistake and I could not change anything. I’m like but it’s not what I ordered and you heard wrong on what type and the amount. He again rude and angry insisted that he was not going to change my order. He asked for my bag and me thinking he was going to change the order gave it to him instead he throws my order to the back, opens the cashier and gives my money back with no further explanation. I asked for the managerowners name and what I got was silence. Not one word from him, no eye contact he just ignored me. I want an apology and to be reassured this type of behavior does not happen again from this employee and this food place.

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I want an apology and I want to be reassured this behavior does not occur again from this employee or this food place.

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