Complaint: Unfair practice toward delivery persons

on 21 October 2019 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I recently had a message from uber as i am a uber eats delivery person and it stated some people didnt receive their food. OK. I explained to the person on the phone that i work nights and by UBER policy i get there i notify the customer and start the clock and i also call the customer and within 8 minutes if the customer does not respond after repeated attempts to reach them i mark it as undeliverable and discard the food. Now the problem comes where as uber said due to the number of people that didnt receive their food my insta pay is being revoked and within 2 months if no deliveries are undelivered i will get my instant pay back. Now the problem is why am i getting punished due to customers not replying or coming to get their food i believe its unfair practices toward the delivery driver who attempts in every way that uber laid out to complete a delivery, and i spoke to them and i kmow they track everything but they refused to look at those deliveries and see all protocols were followed

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Suggested solution:

first i wanty instapay reinstated because them taking my instapay away to me is a punishment ina way of something i did not do second i want more care and personal attention to ALL delivery driver and second or third party assets to uber because they treat all of us like garbage when it comes down to things.

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