Complaint: Treated rudly and refused to sell me products

on 26 January 2022 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I tried to pay with contact less pay with my phone but it was not working. I tried different cards contactless paying with my phone and it said it was having trouble or I moved my phone to fast or failed to read . Which was not my fault if the contactless pay wasn’t working I had the funds to cover my order but it wasnt working. Informed the ladies I was going to have to take some stuff off my order and the lady was so rude being disrespectful saying I have done this before which yes a couple months ago the contact less pay wasn’t working … also again. Not my fault .

But the ladies at the store were so rude talking down to me and being very disrespectful and then refused to sell me any of the products. i had cash and enough on a diffrent account to pay for almost all the order but they would not except my business. It was not my fault that the machine didn’t work that would be the stores issue but to be called out and talked down to for something beyond my control. I wpuld like to file a complaint and have action done to prevent this from happening to anyone else and I was a personal apology for the lack ok customer service nd embarassment i experience and disrespectfil rude service I was given and want action be taken to the rude employees that refused to serve me and talked down to me and embarrassed me for no fault if my own..this is not right and I want action taken and this issue resolved please.

Suggested solution:

I would like the store to make right the for embarassment and disrepect and rude service I was given or not given and an apology and the workers be held accountable for behavior and rude service and for the embarrassment I experienced

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