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on 01 May 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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As I pulled up to pay for my food, the woman taking my money, had a mask on, but it was looped over her ears and her nose and mouth were exposed. When I pulled up to get my order, they handed it to me. I prefer the way Burger King does, they all wear masks and gloves and use a plastic box to take money and return change. They also hand you your food out in a box. I also want to complain again, about the icecream . I used to say McDonalds had the best ice cream in town. No more, It tastes like carnation milk and is runny, not thick and creamy. I don’t think I am ordering at McDonalds anymore.

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Take the virus more serious, make workers wear proper gear, properly . Fix the ice cream recipe. I am really disappointed.

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