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My complaint: had a fight with Fox so was not carrying its channels. At the same time I signed up with a limited discount of $25 only to watch the American League baseball playoffs only being aired on FS1. So I did not and could not use their service and had to quickly pay another $50 if I were to watch the first game that was starting in a few hours.

Sling stubbornly says that because at the time, Fox was not listed on their website as an available network, they are justified in keeping my money. Because I didn’t somehow know about the dispute with Fox and somehow know that after years or however long of having FS1, they suddenly wouldn’t (even though websites that review streaming services all over the Internet said they did) and because I thought too highly of them to think they would remove a network as popular as Fox without announcing this clearly on their homepage so people would know BEFORE they signed up, Sling gets my money and I get nothing.

Sling’s problem with Fox and what seems like a deliberate attempt to keep people in the dark created such confusion that Sling had to have known that people wanting Fox would mistakenly sign up and be all too willing to give refunds as any ethical and respectable business would. Instead they took advantage of the confusion.

I have to wonder why Sling would not refund money given to them by mistake and under false pretenses? Why they would give excuses, argue and find trivial, opportunistic reasons to refuse refunds, angering and turning potential customer into enemies. Why take such a hit to their reputation? It makes sense only if you think of it in dollars and cents. Sling simply wants your money apparently at any cost.

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