Popular mobile game Coin Master flooded with complaints

Press Release – Dec 4, 2019

Coin Master, one of the most popular mobile games in existence, has received a significant amount of complaints about its functionality over the past month. Complain.biz, a portal that handles online complaints, has received hundreds of complaints regarding the popular game.

Complaint platform Complain.biz does not choose the sides of either Coin Master or the reviewers, but just exposes the situation as it is.

Coin Master has been downloaded more than 100.000.000 times on devices all over the world. It is unclear if any complaints are being dealt with by Moon Active, the software developer behind the famous game.

Complains about Coin Master

The most important and frequent complaints are about how players are not receiving their paid for items that they buy in the game. Coin Master, as many popular mobile games out there, has an internal purchase or “in app shopping” system. It allows players to buy additional items, credit scores or status in order for them to be able to play more or reach higher levels more easily.

One user on Complain.biz wrote

“I have spent hundreds of dollars (real dollars) buying spins on this extremely rigged game. I emailed them a week ago because my game was acting all screwed up. I have had to complain at least 3 or 4 times already, and they take forever to write back.”

Another complainant that encountered problems wrote

“I have just bought 110 spins for 3.99 and only received 60 spins. I am absolutely disgusted as l have paid you hundreds playing this game. I have checked my on line banking and the money has been took out. If this is the way you treat loyal players then l will not be playing any more and l will certainly be telling my friends.”

All complaints about Coin Master can be found here.

About Coin Master

Coin Master is a game by Moon Active, a software developing company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Moon Active games have been downloaded over 100.000.000 times worldwide. Coin Master is one of the few games that was a top grosser in all of the countries where it was launched. The main objective of the game is to win coins and upgrade your items so that you can attack other players and their villages.

About Complain.biz

Complain.biz is an online platform that helps people to reach companies that have done them wrong. They position themselves as a complaint protocol to remove the frixion of endless messaging and phonecalls.

The platform works both ways, as companies can process/resolve complaints. All complainers are obliged to leave their contact details, this helps companies to process complaints much faster. More information can be found here.