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My complaint:

I have been observing since long time many of the residents who are residing at vinoy innovation park are not behaving well I think manners has to be taught to them as they are using abusive language in the premises and because of them our kids are getting spoiled and these kids ages of 3-4 years old have started misbehaving and using abusive language which is being used by Indians and their kids, while playing with their kids their kids are asking to use abusive language when someone is passing by and these days we don’t feel like we are in nice residential area it is expected from an adult to behave in properly in surroundings and they are teaching their own kids to abuse some one and because of them our kids are behaving without respecting adults even though we control our kids it is expected residents to behave like adults not like cheap disgusting narrow minded idiots or assholes.

I hope my complaint will be noticed by property manager and an action will be taken on these mother fuckers who are shitting all over the place which was quite and pleasant.

I have noticed it started with people staying near 8416 7525 and opposite gym building including kids who are aged between 3-10

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Suggested solution:

Boycott misbehaving residents who are from different countries not locals away from the neighborhood and make sure they are blacklisted for their actions which would bring change in them when they don’t get a place to live and next time will behave as an adult not as cheapo.

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