Complaint: Non payment for my services as a driver

on 10 June 2019 about Uber Eats in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Uber has not paid me for my services ranging within the weeks of May 13th, 2019 and June 3rd, 2019. They are contracted to a weekly payout.
Out of the money they owe me, $360 were used to pay for gas for food delivery to their clients. The credit card company, which I used to pay for gas, doesn’t care if I have not received payment from Uber. They charge me interest and late fees.
Not only Uber didn’t pay me, I paid to work. I lost hours upon hours driving around and risking my life behind the wheel of a car(as the risk of an accident is exponential when you drive that many hours a day).
I have emails and documentation proving Uber has not paid me, including their own acknowledgment and bank account information.
Every week they give a different excuse as to why I haven’t been paid.
First they said they had not paid because I had not updated my bank account. When I updated it, they said they had not paid me because I had updated it. Then they told me I was hacked and that’s why they had not paid me. And then they asked me to update my bank account again.
Now the payment just keeps on being rescheduled, over and over. I took screenshots of every ‘re-scheduling’. It is now, the 10th of June and they have once again rescheduled it for a ‘next-week’.
The customary ‘cash-out’ option is also not available.
They are simply not paying and they truly do not have a legitimate excuse, other then perpetrating against people that need a few dollars to being with, as the payment for food delivery is ludicrous in itself.
It is an exploitation and it should be considered an unconscionable contract, given the fact that no one in his or hers right mind would pay to work, if they work so that they can make a few dollars.

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Suggested solution:

They need to pay. Not only they need to pay, they need to pay with interest, according to credit card interests and fines.

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1 year ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Uber Eats

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