Complaint: Neighbors staying up all night being loud

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The problem has been going on for a couple months apartment 108 and 214 have done nothing but break into the empty apartments around here all the damage that has been done around here is all because of 108 and 214 108 they stay up all night stealing things from people and breaking into things around here in the complex and all around this complex the cops need to so there job and get 108 and 214 out I’m tired of all them being loud tearing things up all they do I’d destroy things and there are other tenants that want them gone as well they park back in the back where the electric boxes are at doing things there not supposed to sitting in there cars all night getting high the cops needs to sneak up on them and get them taking care of things are getting worse because the cops are not doing there job there is a new manager and she isn’t moving fast enough she is taking her sweet time and theinger you guys wait the more things are going to get destroyed thank you if you can get your officers to get out here as soon as they can I would like to remain anonymous because I live in the apartment complex thank you

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I want the cops and the manager to get on this property and get 108 and 214 and all there trouble making friends out of here since they have been here it hasn\'t been nothing but crap because they are here they need to go and there is way to much stuff going on because if them there are young children who live in here and the kids don\'t need to see people hanging around all high it\'s not right the cops needs to get them out the cops are the only ones who can get them out thank you

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