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on 09 January 2019 about Ramsay Health Care in category Healthcare

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My complaint:

I had knee replacement Feb 2016 I had spinal epidural and was told to stay in bed for hrs nurse radiolagist came to my bed and pulled my parallised legs down and said I’m taking you for a X-ray I said can’t stand up she said push your hands down on the bed and slide into this wheelchair I said pass me a Zimmer frame because my legs won’t hold me she said no stand up at which I crashed to the floor I have photos of my damaged elbows next thing I came round in the wheelchair with a nurse between my legs mopping up a pool off blood I was seriously dehydrated due to having no fluids for 27 hrs as when I arrived I was sent home until lunch time as my bed was not ready I have aquired my medical notes and they have been rewritten over they did not report this my knee is not good I met Dr the surgeon at the Three shires nov 2018 I had xrays went in to see him flashed a screen at me in 2seconds then turned it away of a leg I knew it was not mine because in my X-ray it was bent with a cushion under the joint so I have acquired my xrays from from the imagery dpt I’m am so shocked at my treatment just retired first time in hospital nurse and nurse have abused there position of trust and caused me a lot off stress the lady in the next bed said she was disgusted and would give statement alas she had gone home when I came around and won’t contact her for me also a nurse on my medical records said I was shouting and unpleasant this is untrue this nurse should know I was delirious and I don’t recall any of that there was also another lady shouting opposite who came in apologiesd as she said she didn’t know why she was like that well now I do know if owned up I would let this go they could have seriously hurt me a lot more as the spinal epidural you have to stay flat so it does not travel anywhere it shouldn’t hope some one will do the decent thing and investigate this god knows what could happen if I was elderly and this is allowed to happen it seems they think I’m making it up well you couldn’t could you I suppose I bruised my own back and backside and then smashed my elbows really my family are livid and want me to to the press it’s all so horrid regards

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I want a apology and compensation

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