Complaint: Messed up my hair then threatened me

on 28 December 2020 about Cash App in category Payment Providers

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I had my hair braided at Neziah studio in waist length distressed locs. I should have listened
to my intuition because she had one bad review, but I thought to help the black business out by going with the company. The owner used Cash app which I wasn’t fond of because you can’t get your money back. She even asked for a deposit which wasn’t stated on the page for services. After three days, my hair was loose and coming out. I contacted the owner of Neziah studio and she said she wouldn’t be back until next week. I said okay. The following week I contacted her and she said she needed a picture. I sent her a picture and she said it was an easy fix. She said I could come in the next day at 4pm. I arrived at the shop and she added extra hair around some of the loose braids. I asked her if she could fix the loose braids in the back of my hair and she acted Iike she was bothered and continued to say my braids weren’t loose! I wasn’t happy about it and decided to just go with what she did. I emailed her the next day on where the appointment was made and she texted me asking why am I emailing her and I told her because my hair was still loose and coming out in several places and I felt she didn’t take the time to properly fix them. She then called my phone several times and began to curse at me calling me btches and hoes and threatening me. Even telling me to pull up! She is very nasty and rude and something needs to be done about her behavior and unprofessionalism. She is big liar too! She lied and said i washed and conditioned my hair several times. Now who in their right mind, will wash their hair after getting braids?! She also has another review from another client on StyleSeat stating their hair wasn’t done correctly and was loose. She did not do my hair right and I want my money back from my disservice, mistreatment, and threats. No one should have to go through this after paying over $200 for messed up braids that are falling out. This is terrible business. I never had to go through this before from a hairstylist. I have several photos off her text messages and calls. Karma. Something really needs to be done about refunds on Cash App. It should not be up to the company.

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I want my money back from this unprofessional so called stylist.

Messed up my hair then threatened me
Messed up my hair then threatened me
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