Complaint: Is anyone capable at NBC of a fair town hall for the President

on 16 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Savannah Guthrie did not show any ability to hold a true town hall last night. She was debating the President. I decided to give NBC some ratings last night and have an open mind that maybe they could host a true town hall. I shouldn’t have tuned in. Savannah took Democrat talking points and just hammered on those instead of real issues and questions that the voters of this country would like to learn about before they cast their vote. A moderator or appointed leader of a town hall is supposed to just ask the questions not be on the offensive. It is not pleasant to watch no matter what candidate you support. I will not be watching anymore coverage on NBC for either candidate.

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Suggested solution:

Hire someone from the outside or a Robot to ask questions that voters care about in a non biased non pretentious way. I finally just turned it off last night because it was not helping me decide who to vote for because of Savannah. If she wants to interview the President with that style then do that on her morning show. If you want to go prime time for a Town Hall than you need someone capable of that format.

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