Complaint: I think I’ve been scammed

on 18 August 2019 about T2bwallet-Converter in category Crypto / Blockchain

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Www.t2bwalletconverteronlineThis Company has a Crypto Currency Exchange Platform. It exchanges TBC to Bitcoin which they say you can withdraw to any Bitcoin wallet. You pay a one time Premium membership to be able to boost the amount of conversions and withdrawals a day, you also pay a 10 percent conversion fee upfront everytime you convert Tbc to Btc which the minimum us $5,000 kringles of Tbc, then you also got to pay the Premium Extention Package that allows you to withdraw $20,000usd worth of Bitcoin a day. All up I invested almost $5,000 with this platform. The platform is not very newbie friendly I actually invested more than i needed to because i made a mistake on the platform. I made 3 lots of conversions because all of them were not showing on the platform that i had requested a conversion, i only had enough in my wallet for one lot of conversion but because i made the mistake of requesting a conversion 3 times i had to pay 10 percent for all 3 conversions which was $1500 usd. Support isnt very helpful either they are slow at replying and seems like they never read your enquiries properly. On the 20th of July I requested a withdrawal of $12,000 to my Btc wallet and I received an email stating the funds had been transferred, the wait time is up to 2 hours. I woke in the morning and there was nothing in my external blockchain wallet, i tried tracing the transaction on Blockchain and there was no record of that specific transaction. 28 days later just lastnight I look inside my T2B wallet and its been cleaned out, someone managed to revert that withdrawal of 12,000 i made on the 20th of July 2019 and send it to their own Bitcoin address. T2B are not taking any responsibility for this and are not willing to help me. They havent replied to any of my emails since i made the withdrawal on the 20th and they finally just replied to me today 9 days later, i sent multiple emails over 50 and no response. Seems a bit strange that they contact me once all my money is wiped out and expecting me to pay another conversion fee for the remainder of my Tbc that needs to be comverted..Please help..I dont want this to happen to anyone else and am hoping i havent been scammed

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I would like them to take responsibility. Either give me my full investment back, or allow me to make my conversion without the 10 percent upfront fee and allow me to withdraw what is left over in my account to my external Blockchain wallet

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