Complaints About Weight Loss Pills

It’s long been accepted that the only effective method to lose weight is by making changes to your lifestyle through improved diet and exercise. However, according to companies selling weight loss pills, all you have to do is take their miracle product and watch the weight fall off.

Obviously these products are causing issues for customers when they take these types of pills and make no significant changes to their daily health habits. Not only do customers not lose weight, they can suffer permanent health damage by ingesting dangerous ingredients.

But what’s driving the rise in complaints?

False Advertising

The old saying “if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is” rings just as true today as it ever has done. Particularly when referring to weight loss pills. Some will say that the idea that anyone would believe that simply taking a pill could solve their weight issues is part of the problem. However, companies have no right to prey on people who’ve tried everything to shed their excess their weight.

Weight loss pill manufactures deliberately play on the desperation of would-be consumers within their advertising, with slogans such as “this is the pill that FINALLY WORKS!”. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to suggest this is the case. Consumers who then spend hundreds of even thousands of their hard-earned money to get these products then feel cheated when nothing happens – rightly claiming that they were subjected to false advertising.

Serious Health Issues

Not only do a great deal of diet pills make false claims in both their advertising and packaging, but they can leave a lasting physical impressions on those who take them. There are many instances whereby by customers have taken weight loss pills and incurred life-changing health issues as a result.

One such case was that of Debbie Lovett of Texas who took diet pills which caused irreversible heart valve damage. Whilst the $23 million settlement in her favor may help to ease the pain, some will argue that her greatly shortened life expectancy was a much bigger price to pay.

Dangerous Ingredients

One of the reasons behind the thousands of complaints against weight loss pills is the use of dangerous ingredients. Given the fact that so many individuals suffer issues with their health after taking these supplements it may come as no surprise that the ingredients contained within some of these products have extremely negative side effects.

One of those ingredients is dimethylamylamine, more commonly-known as DMAA. This chemical is actually a derivative of amphetamine, and when combined with other stimulants such as caffeine it can cause serious health issues including: raised blood pressure, shortness of breath, tightening in the chest, and ultimately heart attacks. The negative side effects caused by this ingredient have been deemed so severe government regulators such as America’s Federal Drug Administration have now completely banned its use in supplements.

Bad Experience with Weight Loss Pills?

Customers who have suffered at the hands of diet and weight loss pill manufacturers have every right to feel aggrieved. Many of you may already be contemplating legal action. However, before you get to that stage you should file an official complaint, which gives the company the opportunity to put things right in the first instance, saving you thousands in legal fees.

Besides that, we have a database of thousands of complaints so you could check a company you’re not sure about, you can also submit your complaint on our website to get your issues the attention they deserve and to warn other people.

Once filed, your complaint will be visible to our thousands of other users, it will appear in search engine results linked to the company in question, and we will even contact the offending company via social media or email to seek a faster resolution to your situation.

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