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on 14 October 2019 about Family Dollar in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I walked into the family dollar store 07454 went walking through the store to find two items. I have been shopping there for 2 or more years now. 1 employee came to the back of the store found me and started screaming at me telling me I was not allowed to be in the store while she was working. Told me to leave now I walked around the store to get my two items and she continued to scream at me across the store and told me if I didn’t leave in 5 minutes she was calling the cops. I asked the other employee where to find the item I was looking for she told me as I got my last item the other employee came out of the back room asking for the number for the police.This all happened in front of other customers. All the while the employee was screaming at me from across the store I was so embarrassed the whole time. I went to the register and the other employee range me up and said that I should not probably come in the store while the other employee was there. The next morning I called the manager and she basically told me she was not stupid and was not 20 years old she told me I knew when that employee’s hours were and that I knew what kind of car she drove and that I should stay away from the store while that employee was there. She also said that she did not like or want that to happen in her store and that she would talk to the employee. I have called and left several messages, I also have sent in several emails. I will no longer go into any of your family dollar stores until this matter is resolved also many of my friends and family will no longer shop there in fear of her going off on them.

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I think the employee should apologize to me and also that disciplinary actions should be should be given to the employee and her manager who I talked to over the phone as the manager basically was taken her employee’s side and did not care that she would be losing paying customers.

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