Complaint: Failed order at approximately 4:30 pm August 30, 2020

on 30 August 2020 about Dominos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I ordered a Philly Cheese sandwich for my sister who is a resident in nearby Magnolia Gardens assisted living facility. I live in another state. The driver claims that nobody came to the door when he knocked. I specifically indicated with the order that he should ring the doorbell as a knock cannot be heard. The website showed that it would be delivered in 30 mins. Indeed the website showed that it had been delivered, but it wasn’t delivered as my sister called me after an hour to report that it had not arrived. My complaint is my engagement with the female manager who refused to give me her name.

When I called she said that it hadn’t been delivered yet. i tried to tell her that it had been delivered according to your website and she kept talking down to me suggesting that I am an idiot by not taking her answer. After repeatedly shouting me down, I finally got her to ask the delivery person and he told her that nobody responded to the knock. Again, I asked for him to ring the doorbell, as it is an assisted living facility.

I said then please deliver the sandwich as the facility is only a few minutes away, and I will call ahead to be sure they come to the door but he should ring the doorbell. She said it couldn’t be done and that the delivery guy called me when nobody came to the door. I answered that I get frequent calls from strange numbers and I do not answer them. He should have texted. (I signed up for the texting feature on the website). She told me that I am required to answer their call during delivery and Dominos is not allowed to text. I asked if that is published on the website and she said it was. (But it is not!).

I then asked if I can reorder online. She said Dominos’ other rule is that something cannot be reordered within 24 hours. (That’s not on the website either). I then asked her name. She said that your policy is not to give out employee names. (That’s not published either).

I own a number of franchised restaurants of different brands (not Dominos) in another state and none of my outlets have these ridiculous rules and none that I have ever dealt with as a customer have these rules. In fact we require service employees to wear name tags and to give their names so we can identify service problems to our guests. It appears she was conveniently making them up.

It also appears clear to me that this woman is ill-suited for a management position. My management staff would never knowingly hire a person with such a poor guest service attitude in a management position. She doesn’t listen to the customer, she doesn’t care about your problems and she hides behind what appear to be artificial rules and policies.

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Suggested solution:

Apologize and send Karen Fleming the previously ordered sandwich package for free. My credit card should not be charged for the original order.

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