Complaint: Do not provide a platform for a fascist throwing a temper tantrum

on 15 October 2020 about NBC in category Broadcasting Network

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My complaint:

Donald Trump is a fascist who deliberately mishandled a global pandemic, resulting in more than 213k American deaths, and then proceeded to demean and dismiss the very real grief that resulted from those deaths. He peddles misinformation daily and is an actual criminal. He agreed to debate dates and rules, and then proceeded to break all of the rules and demonstrate a distinct lack of care for the democratic process. When it was clear that his previous debate experience hurt him, refused to continue to participate in the process. For NBC to give him a platform at all is reprehensible. To give him a platform greater than the one he otherwise would have had had he kept his commitments and participated in the debate is detestable. To do so in such a way that it competes with the platform granted to his opponent – who is notably not a fascist – when Trump forfeited is despicable.

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Suggested solution:

Cancel Trump's town hall.

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