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on 14 April 2019 about Laura Ashley in category Interior shops

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I have been working for the Laura Ashley store for nearly 2 years and a lady named Louise whose is the regional manager hasnt treated me regarding the get. I was sacked on Friday by her and she pops in once or twice a year. I had 4 minutes left of my cleaning duties. All my jobs had been done, I had the wet floor signs out and I was waiting for the floor to dry. Same as what I usually do but as Louise in the Worcester Laura ashley store came up the stairs into the tea room she saw me and I was looking at my diary as after work at 11am I had alot to be done. She asked me what time I’d finished I told her about 5 minutes. She told me that she doesn’t pay anybody for sitting down and I told her that I had 5 minutes left of my shift and that I was waiting for the floor to be dried she told me that I didn’t need to do that. And I said that well I have done all my work for today and she told me not to answer her back and when I asked her not to speak down to me she told me in a abrupt manner that I had been dis respectful and that she was right, she told me that she is higher up than me and I told her I don’t work for Laura ashley I am the cleaner and it has been done, then she told me that she was going to report me for abuse, I asked why and what her name was she came into my face and told me that I’m your managers, manager at this point it was a little out of my control as I don’t know how it had excelled. I thought that her role as a regional manager may have just got to her head, or that she’s having a bad day and she was taking it out on me. But I did try severdly avoid from any if any. She also said a rude comment that no wonder management have such a hard time with you and I told her that I have a condition on aspergers I told her I’m not sure you are aware but I do have autism, aspergers so sorry of I came across as if I was rude. Louise replied by telling me that someone in her family has autism and they wouldn’t dare speak to me. Like that. I do feel that Louise- the regional manager for Laura ashley in Worcester, had blown it all out of proportion. Then she excepted and told me that she wasnt going to report me but then she said to me actually you have really upset me so I will be reporting you. I’d told her that I’ve already apologise when in fact she was the one with the problem with me in the first place. She asked me to leave and when I got back home I had a phone call from my cleaning company telling me that I’d been sacked but I’ve had no verbal or written warning. And I have also been banded from the shop. And I don’t understand the reason for my dismissal.

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I want her to not treat other staff members like this
I\'ve been sacked for no reason, so I suppose I\'d like her to realise how pathetic it looks and that she can\'t go around sacking people when she feels like it to make her self feel better, because it was wrong why the reason for me being sacked. I have worked 6 years as a cleaner 2 of them with this company office care cleaning services in Swansea and David Probert was my manager thought it was pathetic and that he\'d miss me because I was a good worked. The most disappointing thing is this womens behaviour and how she thinks that it\'s alright to go around sacking people just as and when she feels like to I do feel that it is really unfair as I\'ve done nothing wrong and I\'ve never been sacked. I do think that she was racist I would like to make a formal complaint about this person and how I\'ve been treated by her and how I\'ve been treated by her because my colour of skin. I think that it\'s disgusting and an unnecessary cause of conduct.

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